Public Sector Requirment

All levels of government and government-controlled businesses make up a component of the economy. It excludes private businesses, non-profit organisations, and households.The general definition of the public sector involves government ownership or control rather than just function, and so encompasses activities such as exercising public authority or enforcing public policies. The core public service in central and subnational government agencies defines the inner circle of the public sector when depicted as concentric circles. In this example, the divide between the public and private sectors is relatively clear—it is visible in terms of job relationships.

Providing a public service is a community service that is provided to all members of the community.  Public services are those that a government provides to persons residing within its territory, either directly through public sector agencies or by funding private firms or non-profit groups to deliver those services (or even by family households, though terminology may differ depending on context). Other public services are provided on behalf of a government’s citizens or in the public interest. The concept refers to a general agreement (typically expressed through democratic elections) that certain services should be offered to everyone, regardless of money, physical capacity, or other factors.

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