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Jconnect – One of the leading professional recruitment service provider.

Through the passing years, Jconnect has proven itself as one of the most competent, emerging, and dependable recruitment agencies. With the recruitment of thousands of skilled professionals in India and abroad and the support of hundreds of organisations around the globe, Jconnect has succeeded in making its mark in the present world.
Also, to acclimatise to the changing times and business needs, precise resource mapping is of immense importance for better business impact, and to make this happen, Jconnect brings you a wide range of HR and recruitment consulting services and training solutions.
Our expert panel, with vast and in-depth experience, provides you with customised solutions, ensuring exponential growth for your organisation.
Along with staffing and recruitment, we have our hands on Payroll Management, Web design and development, e-commerce Development, Web applications, and custom software development through experienced channel partners who are inspired by Passion and truly driven by Results.
With the cutthroat competition in the market and CHANGE being the only constant, it’s imperative for corporations and popular business houses to alter their business priorities and strategies more frequently than they would be willing to do so.
Our idea of being completely customer-oriented makes us a customer-oriented company.
With the diverse skills of our team, we are more than capable of creating dynamic, holistic, and scalable developments that are bent on delivering exceptional ROI (Return on Investment) for our esteemed clients. With a clear motive: to excite our Clients and their Customers by delivering beyond their expectations by walking the extra mile so that they achieve their Business Goals.
Jconnect Highlights

1. Enabling IT for nearly a decade through Proven Staffing solutions

2. Powerful internal tools and Systems designed for efficient Workforce Management

3. A formidable and result-oriented Recruitment engine

4. Flexible Staffing Solutions: A customised approach for each engagement

Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver a personalised and innovative approach that is simple and straightforward. We practise professionalism at all times. We’ll listen to you and provide the staffing you need to your complete satisfaction to provide an experience that goes above and beyond exceptional customer service.


Jconnect allows individuals to express themselves through work that leads to fuller lives, stronger organisations, and richer communities. We know that success is important to both our associates and our clients. We want to be an integral part of that process.


For Jconnect to be the leading and most respected staffing service in the communities we serve. To be valued as a trusted advisor by our clients, associates, and business companions. Our core values convey who we are as an organisation and how we deliver value.

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