Hospitality Recruitment Agency

the majority of individuals have a fundamental understanding of the types of businesses that qualify as hospitality brands, only a small percentage can give a logical and adequate description of what the industry is and isn’t. Simply said, the hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of businesses and services that revolve around leisure and client satisfaction. The fact that the hospitality sector focuses on ideals of luxury, pleasure, enjoyment, and experiences, rather than catering to necessities and essentials, is another distinguishing feature.

Hospitality is a better phrase than service to represent what we should be delivering; words like courteous, generous reception, friendliness, consideration, and warmth are also appropriate.It is the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practise of being hospitable. Hospitality is defined as taking care of your guests and anticipating their needs. This includes greeting guests, visitors, and strangers, as well as providing entertainment. In the Encyclopédie, Louis, chevalier de Jaucourt defines hospitality as the virtue of a great soul who cares for the entire planet through human ties.

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