Plant Trees While Searching The Web

PPC On Ecosia

Ecosia shows ads in its SERPs, which it calls EcoAds. In order to show ads and search results it has partnered with Bing (we love Bing!).
Through this model, Bing shares a portion of the revenue generated by these ads. All you have to do to show your ads for all those tree planting enthusiasts out there is activate search partners in Bing Ads.

Activate Search Partners

This works a little differently than in AdWords. Bing Ads allows you to choose if you want to show ads on search partner websites on ad group level (as opposed to AdWords where it is on campaign level). This should be active by default but you can check if you opted out while creating your campaign.
You have two options to check it: either you use the live version and click through all your ad groups, which can get tiring with large accounts, or you open your account in Bing Ads Editor (download here if you don’t have it already).
Below I’ll show you how to do it both ways.

Bing live version

In the Bing live version, navigate to your account and choose the first campaign you want to check. Now choose the first ad group within this campaign and click on the ‘Settings’ tab.
Scroll down and under ‘Other settings’, you’ll find ‘Ad distribution’, where you can opt in or out of the search partners option.

Now that we’ve made sure we activated search partners on Bing, we can sit back and relax while our ads (help to) save the environment.
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